A tool that helps you pinpoint top talent faster


Accurately narrow down a broader candidate pool
Connect with more job seekers, collaborate better internally and shortlist quality candidates faster.


Filter out the ‘no’s’ to spend more time with the ‘yes’s’
Reclaim your time by spending less energy on the wrong people.


Speed up time to hire
Get an edge on your competition by getting to the top talent before they do.

How It Works

Alcami Interactive’s on-demand digital interviewing application connects job seekers directly with your company through pre-recorded video questions that they respond to via desktop or mobile devices.

If you have 20% staff turnover and hire mediocre people, it only takes 5 years to have a mediocre company.

Increase quality hiring
Minimise hiring mistakes and avoid the associated fallout of wasted hiring budgets, lower productivity and more.

Level the playing field
Assess candidates and compare results from other hiring managers using a consistent and transparent rating system.

Reduce internal and external recruiting costs
Free up hiring managers from the low-value aspects of recruiting and focus their time where it matters most.


Free up your time. By replacing 30-minute phone interview with 2-minute video interview, you’ll be able to assess more candidates much faster.


Improved candidate

Get a better insight into a candidate’s personality and potential culture fit than from their resume alone.

& simplicity

Give candidates the convenience to take the interview online when it best suits their schedule.

Compare apples
with apples

Minimise inconsistencies in your screening process by assessing candidates on the exactly the same questions.

Transform your recruiting process
Save time and reduce costs

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