Pinpoint talent faster and build a diverse workforce with advanced one-way video interviewing

With on-demand digital interviews, you can zip through your candidate selection process in a fraction of the time, while minimising the inherent bias in traditional interviews. Alcami’s structured video interviews minimise bias in your selection process and allow you to make reasonable adjustments for candidates with diverse or neurodiverse needs so you can evaluate each applicant fairly.

Make better talent decisions faster

You’re committed to your mission of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce.  We’re here to help you make good on those promises. Let’s build your dream team.

Find Top Talent Faster

Setting up your account is quick and easy. With one-way interviews from Alcami, you’ll complete first-round screening 75% faster, swapping the 20-minute phone screen for a 3-5 minute video review. Because it’s so easy and candidate-friendly, over 90% of applicants complete the interview process.

Diversify Your Talent Pipeline

Compare candidates fairly with Alcami’s blind hiring features. You can set up your structured interviews to reduce biases related to appearance, ethnicity, and gender. Alcami is easy to use on any device can be adjusted for candidates with diverse or neurodiverse needs.

Create a Positive Experience

Showcase your company culture with a immersive video interviewing experience. You’ll work with a dedicated success manager who will help you customise your one-way interview process.  Alcami’s asynchronous video interviews allow candidates to interview at a place and time that works for their schedule. Candidates connect to the platform effortlessly with a single click, with no forms or app to download.

Trust Us to Deliver

User privacy and security is paramount. You can count on us to provide a robust, secure, and scalable platform to meet your recruitment needs long-term. We handle candidate support so you can focus on meeting your goals of building a diverse and talented workforce. Our software is compliant with stringent data privacy and protection policies to keep company and candidate data safe.

Alcami is APP, GDPR and CCPA compliant, and you have the choice of storing your data in either Australia or the USA.

Enhance your candidate experience

On-demand virtual interviewing simplifies scheduling and saves time for everyone. One-way interviews give every candidate a fair shot at showcasing their abilities. We’re committed to minimising bias in the hiring process to help everyone thrive.

Put Candidates at Ease

Traditional job interviews can be stressful. In fact, Our one-way interviews allow candidates to do interviews on their own terms, take practice questions, hide the camera view, and re-record answers – reducing their stress and allowing their true potential to shine.

Equity in Hiring

Alcami’s on-demand interview platform provides a fair candidate experience because we understand the needs of a multicultural, gender-diverse, and neurodiverse workforce. By reducing human bias in your hiring process, you’ll be able to find the best-qualified people in your talent pool.

Accommodate Anybody

Alcami enables every candidate to participate. If your organisation offers a reasonable adjustment process, your success manager can work with you to make adjustments for candidates with diverse needs.

Trusted Worldwide

Alcami is trusted by global companies to help attract a more capable and diverse workforce through seamless one-way video interviews. But don’t just take it from us. Hear what our customers have to say:


“Alcami created a better experience for our candidates, a better experience for our hiring managers, and a better experience for our talent acquisition team. It let us reach a wider audience [of candidates] in a shorter amount of time.”

Poya Katebi, Senior Talent Business Partner at Linfox


“Alcami’s support team is second-to-none. It was a seamless experience for our HR team. They made us feel really comfortable [with the process]. Candidates really [got an understanding of] of culture throughout their interview process.”

Tori Luxford, National Talent Acquisition Specialist at Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers


“We’ve cut down on our management timelines, our recruitment timelines, and improved our candidate experience. [The platform] is really nice to navigate! Alcami makes it easy to collaborate between different people and locations.”

Julia Bookallil, General Manager at Key Media

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