Alcami Interactive was founded on the firm belief that there is a better, more efficient way to interview candidates.

Video technology
Our philosophy is simple: Use video technology to hire faster, smarter and more effectively all while enabling recruiters and candidates make better first impressions

Better fit talent
Our on-demand video interviewing platform can help you and your team to make better decisions, improve efficiency and hire better fit talent.

Jane Bianchini. Founder, Alcami Interactive.

As a skilled and seasoned recruiter, Jane has successfully recruited for Australia’s top performing and fast-growing companies. Even the midst of the evolution of the recruitment industry, Jane built and continues to run a highly successful recruitment business, alcami.

Understanding the hiring challenges facing businesses large and small, Jane could see that their recruitment process was long overdue for digital transformation. Their manual, unstructured approach to screening candidates wasn’t just costly, and inefficient – it was also costing them the best talent.

To provide a better way, Jane resolved to combine her industry expertise with video technology to engineer a solution.

This solution came to life as Alcami Interactive: affordable, usable, engaging video interviewing technology.

Alcami Interactive is on the cloud. It’s easy to set up. And is simple to use.

Transform your recruiting process
Save time and reduce costs

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