Want to make it on Australia’s Top Graduate Employers list?



What does it take to become a top employer for graduates? The Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE), the peak industry body for the graduate recruitment and development market, has just released Australia’s Top Graduate Employers List for 2021. 


The rankings recognise employers providing the most positive experience for new graduates, based on survey feedback from more than 3200 graduates who have spent 12 months working in these organisations. This year, the following organisations made the top ten: 

  1. Sydney Water
  2. Canva
  3. KordaMentha
  4. ITW Construction Asia Pacific
  5. McGrathNicol
  6. QBE
  7. KPMG
  8. Reece Group
  9. Linfox
  10. Quantium


In the anonymous survey*, graduates are asked to rank their employer in 25 different categories covering a broad range of criteria. Every organisation, including yours, has the opportunity to rank highly in these categories. 


If attracting top graduate talent is a key strategic priority for your organisation and you’d like to give your organisation the best chance to make the list next year, here are key insights about how to achieve a position and grow in rank. 


1. Create a culture of learning 

Organisational learning has rapidly evolved from single, one-off courses and inductions to continuous training and development, and cultures of learning. 


A culture of learning is one that values and encourages learning – a key strategy for attracting, engaging and retaining top graduate talent. Why? Each year, the criteria for organisations to make Top Graduate Employers list have an overarching focus on learning, from orientation and induction, training and development, to career progression. 


Interactive learning has been consistently demonstrated to lead to higher levels of engagement compared to a traditional classroom setting. Create a learning culture by embedding learning into your core values, leading by example, encouraging knowledge sharing, offering the right rewards and incentives, and creating meaningful, contextualised training programs.


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2. Wow graduates from recruitment to employment  

While the Top Graduate Employers 2021 list asks graduates to rank employers based on their working experience, recruitment lays the foundation. A positive employee experience starts with a positive candidate experience. Use recruitment as an opportunity to make your employer brand shine through innovative technology and processes, such as video interviewing


Great video interviewing platforms like Alcami Interactive allow you to promote your employer brand through your logos, colours and imagery, share personalised videos (including your careers video), and enables candidates to complete their interview at their convenience. 


Not to mention, great technology in your recruitment process can also underpin your Employee Value Propositions (EVPs). For example, if high-tech and innovation form part of your EVPs, a great video interviewing platform demonstrates your organisation practices what you preach, and sets the scene for what’s to come. 


Actively promote your key differentiators, such as compensation, culture and benefits. Use video interviewing to engage graduates with your brand, organisation and role. This establishes your culture from the get-go (and is sure to win you some points in the “company culture” category of the Top Graduate Employers list).  


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3. Demonstrate great leadership

It’s almost a cliché to say employees don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses. However, this happens all the time. Top talent leaves, only for the organisation to discover a bad manager was the root cause. 


Great leadership underpins many categories for employers to make the Top Graduate Employers list, from supervision and management, to training and development, work-life balance and company culture.  


Effective leadership is more than simply managing a team. It’s how people learn from you, seek your advice, and are inspired by you. There are many components of successful, respected leadership. Overall, the great leaders in your organisation are those who are knowledgeable and proficient in their role and responsibilities, see the bigger picture, are positive and proactive, and listen to and learn from others. 


The survey takes place between November to December each year. So start investing in your graduate attraction, engagement and retention strategy now! Foster learning opportunities across all levels, use great recruitment technology to wow graduates from the get-go, and demonstrate great leadership by going above and beyond pure “management.”  


*For each employer, a minimum number of responses is required to ensure the list is fair, objective and doesn’t discriminate against small, medium or large organisations. The rankings do not include all employers in the Australian market – some employers did not participate, others did participate, but did not have a sufficiently high enough response rate to be included in the rankings. 


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