Recruitment videos in 2021:What to say and how to use them


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but just one minute of video is worth 1.8 million!

Think about it – at 30 frames per second, you get the value of 30,000 words for every second of video, totalling “1.8 million words” by the time you reach the 60-second mark.

This is only anecdotal math, so if you want some more objective numbers, try 88, 54 and 95.

88% of Australian internet users watch online video content. 54% of video consumers want to see more videos from the brands, businesses and organisations they support, proving it’s not just cat videos and bingeable TV episodes they’re after. And finally, viewers have been shown to retain 95% of a message delivered by video, compared to only 10% of the same message being read in text.

The question in 2021 is no longer: is it worth investing in recruitment videos? It’s become: what should we say, and how should we share them?

The best recruitment videos attract candidates by creating strong connections between the viewer and your organisation’s employer brand. Some do this through high-production lighting and video equipment, while others can achieve the same connection through more candid videos, using hand-held devices and selfie sticks.

Whichever production style you go with, you’ll need to say something meaningful. Here are four different types of video content you can create.


A day in the life video

The number one obstacle candidates experience when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at the organisation. A day-in-the-life video can spotlight either a single employee and how they go about their day at work, or it can spotlight a specific role, talking to all the employees with a particular job title. This style of video provides a sneak-peek of the goals, challenges, and perks of the role, along with a glimpse of the employees the candidate could be working with.


A workplace walk-through video

Rather than spotlight the people in your organisation, why not capture the physical workspace of your employees? Your office is a physical embodiment of what your company stands for, a visible and viable asset which can be used to attract candidates. These types of videos foster the same emotional connections and desire potential buyers get when they walk into open homes. They also create a sense of familiarity with the environment they could one day work in, not only nurturing confidence and belonging, but also avoiding those embarrassing first day questions like, “where’s the restroom?”.


Video interviews

Recruitment videos don’t have to be 6-minute documentaries about the history, mission, strategies and purpose of your organisation. Video can also be used to enhance your recruitment process in more pragmatic ways too. Video interview platforms allow recruiters to invite candidates to participate in interview online. This eliminates the back-and-forth contact to schedule an interview and allows recruiter and candidate to act at their own pace and schedule. The ease of this process allows you to screen a larger pool of candidates, while still maintaining the human connection between the candidate and recruiter.


A blooper reel video

Perfection is for robots. Human beings come with flaws. A blooper reel is an organisational video celebrating these flaws in their employees. It doesn’t have to be long, maybe just a few seconds of outtakes from the footage of one of the above videos, or maybe security footage of the CEO picking his nose in the elevator. Whatever the footage, when brands openly laugh at themselves, they break the barrier between “consumer” and “business” and instead share what makes them human, what makes them relatable. These are endearing qualities as employers.


Where to use recruitment videos

Stand out in the saturated job market by showcasing your videos in any (or all) of these contexts:

  • your website’s careers page
  • job advertisements
  • your social media pages
  • online newsletters
  • candidate nurture emails
  • career fairs or industry events


Alcami Interactive’s video interviewing platform also allows you to include any of the above videos as a welcome, in addition to your video questions. See how it works.

So, how much could you communicate in 1.8 million words? Sure, the average one-minute video usually only conveys 120 spoken words. But using videos throughout your recruitment process communicates so much more in thought, feeling and emotions than text ever could.