MUST-know tips about video interviewing and Australian data protection


If you’re like the majority of recruiters in 2021, video interviews form an integral part of your candidate screening process. Here’s what you need to know about Australian data privacy and protection requirements, and how to mitigate data security risks in video interviewing.

All organisations, of every size and across industries, collects, processes and transmits data – the majority of which is sensitive and requires protection. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the data you collect during in video interviewing.

Collecting sensitive candidate data in video interviewing exposes your organisation to various risk, from hosting legalities to incorrect access control. For recruiters, breaches exposing candidate data have serious financial, legal and reputational consequences. Here’s how to keep your video interviewing recruitment data private and protected by building data security into your recruitment process and systems.


1. Use the right systems and providers

Despite so much of candidates’ work history being available in the public domain (for example, through LinkedIn), the video interviewing process still uses personally identifiable information (PII), such as email addresses, which must be protected.

Using the right systems and providers is not only the key to your organisation’s ability to grow and scale, but to protecting the data you collect as well. The good news is your video interviewing provider should be equipped with appropriate measures to prevent data breaches and ensure candidate video interviewing data remains secure and available.

Check your video interview provider’s privacy compliance and security measures in their privacy policy. They should have robust measures in place to provide safety against cyberattacks.

For example, the Alcami Interactive application is designed with strict privacy compliance and security measures to protect both candidates and companies. A candidate’s video interview can only be reviewed by the selected hiring team in the organisation the job relates to.


2. Investigate data hosting

As part of many organisations’ ongoing digital transformation, the majority are increasingly moving towards cloud-based systems for numerous benefits, including flexibility, mobility and cost savings.

Cloud-based systems are ideal, as they give you more freedom to grow, and have enhanced security. Cloud-based video interviewing platforms such as Alcami Interactive allow your team to access video interviews securely, anytime, anywhere.

If you adopt cloud-based video interviewing systems over on-premise IT infrastructures, it’s important to ensure your data is hosted under the right legislation, as data is subject to the laws and governance structures of the nation in which it is collected.

By 2025 it will be mandatory for Australian businesses to host its data in Australia. Discuss the location of data centres with your video interviewing platform provider. Ideally, if your organisation is based in ANZ, data is hosted in Australia; for EMEA, data is hosted in Ireland, etc.

A note on GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to organisations processing data of EU residents. GDPR places the burden of data compliance solely on your organisation, especially recruiting functions, which collect candidates’ personal data. Consult with your legal team if you collect data from EU residents in your recruitment process.


3. Establish permissions and access control

Work with your video interviewing platform provider to establish permissions and access control. This allows you to authenticate and authorise individuals to access the information they’re allowed to see and use. For example, you and your HR team may like to retain administrative access and delegate levels of access control to hiring managers, for the roles relevant to them.

Your video interviewing platform provider should allow you to delegate access to information, including provisioning and de-provisioning access.

While there’s always an element of risk when it comes to managing data, these measures will significantly reduce your organisation’s data security risk in video interviewing. Use the right systems and providers, investigate data hosting and establish access control to protect your organisation’s data.


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