No matter what industry a business is in – albeit financial, tech or retail – they will always be faced with high volume hiring challenges.

Imagine, being able to rapidly screen candidates according to your specific business hiring needs. By integrating a process that quickly helps you identify top-quality candidates, all while maintaining a fair and equitable interviewing process. One that delivers a consistently positive experience and even creates brand ambassadors and customers along the way.

All hiring managers and recruiters know that high volume recruiting precipitates a long and tiring process. Traditionally a hiring manager would be faced with an onslaught of resumes to sort through. What follows is the manual labour of categorising into the most qualified and least qualified piles (based solely on what’s written on that two-sided piece of paper). Next is the scheduling and then finally the phone or face-to-face/group interviews. This is all before realising half of the candidates aren’t the right fit for your business.

Lack of speed and inefficiency frequently means missing out on top applicants that were further along in the hiring process of competitors.

Why Video Interviews for High Volume Hires

Ultimately, Video screening interviewing means you are able to screen 50 applicants in the time it would take you to phone screen 15. What would normally require a hiring manager to be physically present in some manner to assess each individual is now assisted by the use of video and AI to speed up this process.

When being faced with volume hires time is of the essence. Optimising hires with video means managers simply produce video questions, a task that is done once and is delivered to all applicants. This negates recruiter bias and ensures each person is being asked the same questions, removing any variation from the interview process.

On-demand video also gives the hiring team a bigger picture view. For example, video helps to identify those that are a great culture fit for the organisation and allows more time spent on their video while spending less time on those that aren’t. Simultaneously organisations are able to showcase employer brand and workplace culture to candidates. This allows for both parties to decide whether or not they are the perfect fit before investing more time.

Video Interviews Create Greater Satisfaction

Video Screening has significantly increased satisfaction across the board. Candidates appreciate the freedom granted to take the interview at a time that suits them, while also reducing the time and cost spent on getting to and from the interview. Hiring teams, as a result, experience reduced no shows.

Hiring managers and recruiters who are leveraging video screening experience greater job satisfaction and happiness. Before using video screening many businesses we have worked with experienced turnover of recruiter roles as high as 30%. After implementing video that number reduced as low as single digits.

* Image sourced from Job Adder

Video as a Competitive Advantage

To have a competitive edge, quick, accurate assessments are essential, especially when it comes to volume hiring. As a result of COVID-19 unemployment is at record highs (a total of 1.6 million in Australia) and now is a great time to hire and secure great talent. Employers need to be able to move quickly in making their hiring decisions during this time to secure them before their competitors do. A survey conducted by Job Adder (to discover the impacts of COVID-19 on recruitment agencies) revealed 82% of respondents now have a completely remote workforce.

Therefore it has never been more important to have efficient remote screening and interviewing processes in order to identify and secure the top-quality candidates earlier in the hiring process.
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