30% of NSW Government IT spend dedicated to SME tech 


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The technology you invest in as a council or government organisation is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make – particularly when it comes to recruitment. The right recruitment tech gives you the ability to dramatically improve, streamline and automate your processes and bring the right talent into your organisation at the right time. 

Investing in new recruitment software, like any important decision, requires careful planning. Don’t invest in software because it’s new and trendy. Instead, like any strategic decision, choose software that aligns with your overall talent acquisition needs and goals. 

Councils and government organisations in NSW looking to make a meaningful investment in recruitment technology can now do so, with 30% of NSW Government IT spend being reserved for SME tech. 

If you’re looking to reduce time to hire, improve your candidate experience and retain data security, these exciting spend targets can help you secure advanced video interviewing technology to transform your recruitment experience.  


About the NSW Government IT spend targets  

The NSW Government has set the goal to spend 30 per cent of its $2.5 billion annual IT procurement budget with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from April. 25% of indirect IT spend in all procurement valued above $3 million must also be spent with SMEs. 

This target will boost the local IT sector, and forms part of a suite of recommendations from the ICT and digital sovereign procurement taskforce accepted by the state government. The taskforce was established last year to develop policies to diversify NSW’s IT supplier network and boost SME participation levels in post-pandemic recovery.

This proposed spend target (approximately $750 million per year) has positive, mutual benefits for both government organisations and tech SMEs. Government organisations have the opportunity to diversify and improve their HR tech stack, and valuable SME tech gains increased investment, with suppliers continuing to increase their reach and deliver ROI for more customers.   

Victor Dominello, Minister for Customer Service, stated: “NSW is the most digitally advanced jurisdiction in Australia, thanks in large part to the experience and expertise of our local ICT industry. Demand for technology solutions is only going to increase and the tech workforce is only going to get bigger, and we want SMEs to remain at the forefront.” 

Note: If your government department is in another jurisdiction, the Federal Government has its own SME tech spend initiative, the Digital Marketplace. To date, the Marketplace has seen 69% of contracts awarded to smaller players since its inception in August 2016. It aims to simplify procurement, making it easier for government organisations to connect with businesses of all sizes. 


Power your government recruitment process with video interviewing tech 

Recruiting for government comes with its own set of challenges, one of which is lengthy recruitment times for candidates. Recruitment often takes several weeks, particularly when panel interviewing, background checks, verifications, testing and security clearances are required. 

Councils and government organisations can overcome these challenges by using good communication to keep candidates informed and the right HR tech stack. 

Integrating video interviewing technology in your HR tech stack has the power to increase your organisation’s recruitment scalability and ability to deliver an outstanding user and candidate experience. Video interviewing technology drastically reduces interviewing time, shortlisting time and scheduling delays – overcoming key challenges traditionally associated with government recruitment. 

Alcami Interactive’s video interviewing technology is the perfect tool for advanced, digital recruitment processes. We are a trusted supplier for many government organisations. 

There is currently a library of schemes containing prequalified suppliers for whole-of-government and agency-specific schemes. Alcami Interactive is part of the 0012 (Talent) and 0020 (ICT) schemes. The first gives your government organisation the capacity to source, assess and select talent for executive and non-executive roles. The second is a whole-of-government mandated arrangement for procuring ICT goods and services.  

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