Transform Your Hiring Process with Inclusive One-Way Interviewing

Alcami’s video interview software is a simple way to make dramatic improvements to your hiring process. We enable you to attract and cultivate a more capable, diverse, and inclusive workforce through seamless video interviewing by reducing hiring bias and making interviews accessible to everyone.

How It Works

With pre-recorded asynchronous video interviews, you’ll cut down on hours spent screening candidates on the phone or in-person. At the same time, you’ll minimise bias in recruitment, create a great candidate experience, and quickly identify your best applicants to move to the next stage of your hiring process.

Step 1: Structure Your Interview

You can set up your one-way digital video interview in just a few steps with basic job details:

• Job Title
• Position Requirements
• Job Location
• Target Close Date
• Promo videos (like a custom introduction and outro)

Record your own videos directly in the platform or use our stock library of pre-recorded questions. You can also set up written response questions – a great way to assess both written and verbal skills in the same interview!

You only have to set up the interview once, regardless of the number of candidates who apply, instead of conducting the same interview over and over again for each applicant.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Applicants

Candidates are invited with a direct link to your pre-recorded one-way interview. They will be able to record their responses whenever and wherever works for them. Each applicant answers the exact same questions in the same order and format, giving every applicant a fair chance to prove their abilities.

You’ll be able to find the best of the bunch faster than ever before, with each interview taking an average of 5 minutes to review. Evaluators can review each response and rate candidates on a 5-star scale so it’s easy to identify your best applicants.

Step 3: Hire Your Next Star

Once you’ve found your top candidates, you can easily communicate with them using customised emails tailored to the position. For example, let them know they have been accepted to proceed to the next stage, or if they were declined and you can suggest that they keep an eye on your careers page for future openings.

The Science Behind Alcami

Research has shown that within the talent lifecycle, the hiring decision is one of the most susceptible to bias. There are dozens of implicit biases that impact our ability to make objective choices, including age, race, gender, and social status to name just a few. While bias can’t be fully eliminated, there are well-researched ways to reduce it. The Alcami platform puts fairness and inclusivity at the forefront, pioneering structured interview software with built-in abilities to leverage blind hiring practices.

With Alcami’s interview platform, you can set up interviews to hide candidate names, turn off candidate video, mask the accent and gender of a voice, and create accommodations on a case-by-case basis for candidates that need it. Even without using these features, research shows just using structured interviews reduces gender bias in hiring.

Enterprise Solutions

On-demand interviews are the perfect scalable solution for enterprise businesses. Alcami’s one-way digital interviews will allow your recruiters and hiring managers to review candidates in a fraction of the time. Your team can quickly identify the best and brightest of the bunch to invest time with. In essence you’ll spend more time with the right candidates.

As one client told us:

“I can see my candidates eye to eye before I send them to my hiring manager to meet them face to face.”

Alcami makes it easy to evaluate candidates across departments and enables diverse decision making. Evaluators review interviews separately to reduce the impact of groupthink, while still fostering independent collaboration, resulting in a more objective interview process.

The candidate portal is fully customisable to create a rich, immersive experience for your candidates when they apply. It’s easy to add welcome messages, promotional videos, and interviews with your team so candidates gain direct insight into your company’s diversity and culture. The Alcami platform is fully white labeled to meet your brand standards and create a positive experience for every candidate.

SMB Solutions

Make sure you’re spending time with the best possible candidates – instead of trying to guess based on a subjective resume. We recognise the needs of a small business are different from industry giants. Each new hire has a large amount of influence on your company’s efficiency and overall culture, especially on a small team.

Gone is the headache of trying to schedule every phone screen while trying to run your business at the same time. It only takes a few easy steps to set up a video interview. Alcami’s on-demand video interviewing lets you interview as many candidates as you want, and reviewing can happen at whatever pace meets your needs.  With Alcami’s video interview solution, you can focus on what’s most important for your growing business.

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