Before founding Alcami Interactive, I spent over 20 years in Agency Recruitment. I would spend countless hours educating employers if you hire based on skill you’ll most likely fire for behavioural competencies. It’s a far better strategy to hire the competencies aligned to the role and train for any skill gaps, should there be any.

When selecting new employees based on how they will add to the culture, and competencies aligned to the role the end result will be a more robust workforce with strong cohesiveness and alignment to the organisations strategic imperatives.

The 5 best questions to ask for cultural Add

So here are five of the best video interview questions that you can choose to help get the best insights into the candidate’s personality, cultural attitude and behavioural competencies:

1. Walk me through your perfect day. This is a great question to deep dive into what the employee values in a workplace. Do they prefer to work in teams, individually? How does socialising fit into their perfect day? This is a great question to see if the company and the candidate’s values align.

2. What are you most passionate about? A candidate who is passionate with strong feelings or beliefs, will likely be a positive person, who will be able to bounce back from any setback, without losing enthusiasm. Positive people are more likely to be successful in what they do.

3. If I walk past your desk at 5.30pm, what will I see? This question is one of the best questions to see how the company’s culture aligns with the candidate’s view on what work should be like and their view on it. The answers you get from this question will be far and wide, from ‘I’ll be long gone’ to ‘I’ll be forwarding my phone, to work from home’.

4. If we were travelling for work and got stuck (a missed flight for example), what would you do? This question will help determine, what the person will be like in an emergency or a stressful situation, or when the ‘going gets tough’. Every company has its going gets tough moments, perhaps through growing fast, but knowing that your candidate has the same values as the company’s and will be able to navigate whatever hurdle comes up.

5. Describe your ideal work environment? Describe your perfect job and working environment? Usually, the candidate’s first answers are the most honest and insightful and will give you an insight as to how their ideals align with the company’s culture.

Video Interview Upfront in Real Life

Who’s doing it best? One company that has implemented next-generation digital screening processes well is Linfox. Linfox has 24,000 employees across 12 different countries and they continually receive large numbers of applications for their graduate program each year.

Motivated to improve all stakeholders’ experience including candidates, hiring managers and talent acquisition, Linfox implemented video interviewing using Alcami Interactive’s VI platform.
After using Alcami Interactive, Linfox commented:

‘I feel like I already know these candidates. A much better feel than just reviewing a resume or some interview notes made by the recruiters.”
– Linfox’s Senior Talent Business Partner

If you need some guidance shaping the process for your hiring needs, get in touch with us at Alcami Interactive to request a personalised demo.