Despite the recent shift to an employer-driven market, industries with growing skills shortages and gaps still struggle to attract the best people – meaning top tech talent is in high demand. Tech talent encompasses a variety of roles, from data scientists, developers and engineers to IT professionals. Their specialist skillset and organisations’ need for rapid growth and development means great salaries alone aren’t enough to recruit these candidates effectively.

LinkedIn reveals the tech sector has the highest turnover rates and tech professionals can receive up to 32 job solicitations each week! This fierce competition is putting pressure on salaries, employer branding and HR team budgets.

To recruit the highly-sought-after tech skills you need to drive growth and innovation in your organisation, don’t leave your talent attraction strategy to chance. Whether you’re a large organisation or SME, here’s how to attract top tech talent.


1. Offer career development opportunities

The data doesn’t lie. LinkedIn’s latest top tech talent report reveals the top reason these professionals leave their positions is due to concern for career development; the top reason they join new organisations is the hope for a stronger career path/more opportunity.

Interestingly, 43% of organisations are boosting their upskilling efforts after coronavirus. What learning and development, or career development opportunities do you provide to your people? What about the chance to work with cutting-edge tech? How are you promoting these messages to the market?

Offering career development opportunities could be the single biggest competitive edge you have in your talent strategy. Be sure to promote this messaging in your employer brand and recruitment journey.

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2. Optimise your communication channels 

Review and optimise your primary communication channels to ensure your employer brand messaging is on point. When competing for top tech talent, your employer brand is the key way to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Start by reviewing and optimising your careers website, job ads and social media channels.

Are your values and benefits front and centre? Are you sharing stories about your people?

Software development firm Atlassian builds a compelling employer brand by promoting their Employee Value Proposition (EVP), sharing authentic content, and measuring KPIs.


3. Offer a competitive salary and benefits

At the end of the day, tech professionals know their worth. Because they’re in high demand, they have the upper hand in salary negotiations and choosing the roles that are right for them.

If you can’t compete on salary, consider the overall package and benefits you can offer. Perhaps you can offer flexible working arrangements, superannuation benefits, or performance-based incentives.  Perhaps you have a great company culture and a passionate team who are excited about the work they do.

With Australia needing 100 000 more tech professionals by 2024, the ever-shifting technology landscape is making it harder to maintain a viable talent pool. For top tech talent, the right role for them isn’t always about the salary. Offering exciting career development opportunities and building your reputation as an employer of choice matters to candidates. Make a plan to attract top tech talent strategically, and don’t leave it to chance.