How Video Interviews Create an Outstanding Experience

2020 for many employees, has been a year of unintentionally shedding the old and unfolding of the new. Recently Aged Care has received a lot of attention for two reasons.

One, the first half of the year saw many employees unexpectedly unemployed and back in the job seeker market. The recruitment landscape has become flooded with skilled, top-quality candidates.

Two, the ongoing workforce crisis that is no secret in the Aged Care sector.  So now more than ever, honing the candidate experience and focusing on brand image is imperative to organisations winning top talent now and in the future for the greater benefit of our senior citizens who need care.

According to LASA in their 10 Days in July series, the aged care workforce will need to grow from 300,000 to 800,000 by 2050 to meet the demand of Australians expected to use Aged Care services. Brand image will become a top priority for every aged care provider’s strategy for attracting and retaining talent. Employers can provide a brand immersive candidate experience starting with their recruitment processes. Organisations are judged instantaneously by candidates, a negative judgement can quickly damage a company’s brand image if a candidate passes on their judgements to others who are influenced.

A quality candidate experience could win you the best talent. Besides winning top talent, delivering an outstanding experience can make customers and brand advocates out of both your successful candidates and your unsuccessful applicants. On the flip side, a bad experience can lose you top talent and damage your organisation’s brand and reputation. Looking at both sides of the coin, it is clear that there are numerous benefits to a business enhancing their candidate experience.

The importance of building a reputable employer brand

Having a reputable employer brand is imperative for an organisation’s strategy and especially one that finds themselves in a competitive market. Not only does it help to recruit better candidates, it will also help to reduce hiring and marketing costs and improve productivity. So how can your brand stand out in the recruitment experience and cut through to secure top talent? Through a unique and memorable Digital Experience that considers the needs of the candidate at every touchpoint.

Top Four ways Asynchronous Video Interviews improves the candidate experience

The implementation of asynchronous video interviewing (VI) can drastically improve the way candidates perceive your brand throughout the hiring process. Recruiters can easily build a seamless, easy and comfortable process. Here are five ways VI improves the candidate experience and bolsters corporate brand:

1.   Asynchronous Video Interviews create engaged applicants from the get-go.

By introducing VI early on in the screening process, organisations can engage candidates earlier than their competitors. Using your leadership team and fellow employees to video record questions in your VI screen creates an interactive experience that will produce a sense of energy, passion and motivation for your brand rather than the lack-lustre long process of traditionally waiting for the resume screening or scheduling of a phone screen that suits both the hiring manager and the candidate.

2. Asynchronous Video Interviews Provides Equal opportunity.

Using VI, organisations can deliver a consistent experience to all applicants. Every candidate is reassured that they are being given the same questions, in the same order, delivered in the same way with the same time allowed to answer it. This strengthens candidate experience as no candidate will feel discriminated against, knowing they have the same opportunity as all other candidates. It will also build the organisation’s reputation for being an equal opportunity employer.

3. Candidates respond at their convenience with Asynchronous Video Interviews.

Without asynchronous VI, schedules become part of the mix. The toing and froing between missed calls, returned calls and the time bound nature of 9-5 working hours creates inefficiency and extended delays in filling positions. VI makes it possible for employers to offer candidates a process to be interviewed at a time and place convenient for them..

4. You can screen more candidates with Asynchronous Video Interviews.

The ability to screen more candidates in less time means recruiters can invite a broader pool of candidates to interview for roles. More candidates are given an opportunity to be seen, where they may have been screened out due to a lack of capacity in processing volumes of candidates.

Needless to say, a positive candidate experience will benefit any Aged Care provider.

Improving your candidate experience will directly impact your employer brand and reputation. Including video Interviews in your recruitment cycle will help you to:

  • Engage candidates sooner
  • Improve your corporate brand as an equal opportunity employer
  • Create an interview that can be taken at the candidate’s convenience

Taking all of these things into account will radically improve your chances of winning top talent over your competitors now and into the future as your workforce grows with the demand in the industry.

If you need some guidance shaping your screening process, get in touch with us on our contact page.