Top 10 tips for employers to get the most out of video interviews


Video interviews are one of the greatest investments to save your organisation the time and costs associated with lengthy screening processes. But how can you create an experience as beneficial for your candidates as it is for your team?

Here’s how to make the most of your video interviewing platform to increase the size and quality of your talent pool, reduce time pressures on your hiring team, and wow candidates with your employer brand.


1. Structure your interviews

Lacking business processes can slow down your day-to-day operations. In the same way, unstructured interviews can slow down your time to hire and ability to make recruitment decisions. It can also create bias if hiring managers ask candidates questions irrelevant to their job performance.

Use a well-designed scorecard to structure your video interviews and make objective evaluations. This creates a better experience for candidates and a simpler decision-making process for your hiring team.


2. Deliver a consistent candidate experience

Tone of voice can have a drastic impact on how our conversation is received and interpreted by others. While using scorecards allows you to evaluate candidates fairly, recorded video interviews allow you to deliver questions with a consistent tone of voice.


3. Incorporate written responses

Collecting additional data points in your recruitment process is a great way to gain a more complete picture of your candidates.

Include written-response questions in your video interviewing process to assess candidates’ written and verbal communication skills. You can even include a video question related to the written response to verify candidates’ responses are their own.


4. Strengthen your employer brand

Video interviews are an important touch point to continue sharing your employer brand, culture and values with candidates.

In addition to including your logos and colours, Alcami’s video interviewing platform allows you to strengthen your employer brand by showcasing your:

  • Employee value proposition – Reinforce your EVP messaging to connect with candidates at the beginning of their interview.
  • Team members – Use videos of your current team members asking questions to create a more personal experience.
  • Technical capabilities – Create a seamless, one-click process to demonstrate your organisations’ technical capabilities, without inconvenient app downloads or logins.

These unique points of difference build your employer brand and distinguish your organisation from competitors.


5. Make it personal

While you have the option to ask candidates text-based questions, video questions create a more personal level of connection.

Alcami gives your team the ability to record questions directly into the platform, without needing to upload video files. Or, take advantage of Alcami’s stock library of more than 80 pre-recorded video questions. These video questions are asked by people from a range of backgrounds and cultures.


6. Leverage diverse perspectives in your business

Gaining multiple perspectives is a great way to reduce bias in recruitment. Many leading organisations use insights from different team members, including people from under-represented groups (URG).

Create a gender-balanced, culturally diverse evaluation team to ensure you’re not unnecessarily reducing your talent pool or assessing candidates from single, limited perspectives.

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7. Reduce bias from group think

Obtaining multiple perspectives is an effective way to make balanced decisions in recruitment, but group think can still be a challenge. For example, if a hiring manager favours a candidate, how can a team member feel empowered to disagree?

Alcami’s platform promotes independent collaboration. You have the option to hide comments from each evaluator and reveal them at the end of the process. Evaluators can also score answers after each candidates’ response. This reduces the pressure for your team to recall answers or favour certain candidates for their speaking style.


8. Reduce bias through tech features

As humans, we tend to like people we have things in common with. This type of bias can be great for connecting with friends with common interests. However, it can be unproductive in recruitment, as it limits diversity in your organisation and the overall size of your talent pool.

Alcami’s video interviewing platform has the following features to reduce bias:

  • Hide video – This feature reduces bias associated with candidates’ age or appearance.
  • Mask name – This feature reduces bias associated with candidates’ gender or cultural background. (Read more about this BBC study demonstrating the adverse effects name bias can have on your business.)
  • Disguise voice – In addition to masking candidates’ names, this feature facilitates gender-neutral assessments.
  • Internal mobility hires – This feature allows hiring managers to review selected answers, such as written responses, to reduce the biases of knowing a colleague applying for a role.

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9. Make reasonable adjustments

Creating a great candidate experience requires flexibility. Give your team the ability to make reasonable adjustments for diverse and neurodiverse candidates, and candidates with visible and non-visible disabilities.

Alcami’s platform allows you to extend answer preparation times, extend deadlines, or offer multiple retakes for candidates to select their preferred answer.


10. Incorporate psychometric assessments

Sometimes, finding high-quality candidates seems like it takes an element of luck or artistry, but the truth is, great recruiters achieve great results through a combination of art and science. While video interviews can act as the “art”, supplement them with psychometric assessments to add more of the “science”. Adding strong assessment tools gives you deeper insights and allows you to identify critical skills for the future.

Use these tips to optimise your video interviewing process, capitalise on diverse talent and make faster, more accurate hiring decisions. You’ll also give your candidates more flexibility and the chance to get to know and love your employer brand.

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